Welcome to mrandmrscambridge! This is a blog dedicated to the Duke, the Duchess of Cambridge –or better known as simply William and Kate – and of course their little Prince George! The two of them make a great team and are a breath of fresh air for the British Monarchy. I love writing fanfictions –and sharing them with my wonderful followers! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I also try to update daily. If you have any questions regarding William, Kate, baby Cambridge, the weather, me or anything else, don’t hesitate to leave me a message, I’ll surely respond!

Then and Now: 2010 - 2014

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Anonymous sent: Where are you? Are you alright? I miss you...

I am very well, thanks for asking! Missed you too!!! :)

Oh my gosh, I haven’t made a post in ages!

How are you guys doing? Missed you all so much!

The next time we will really see Prince George is next year’s Australia/New Zealand Tour, possible photocall and 2014’s Trooping the Colour.

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Prince William holds on tight to his newborn baby son (July 23)

Somehow I don’t think I ever saw this particular photo!


Prince William holds on tight to his newborn baby son (July 23)

Somehow I don’t think I ever saw this particular photo!

Kate’s spent her birthday at KP. William’s been in Cambridge but got the train home in time to celebrate with her tonight.

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The Duchess of Cambridge at Thirty-One

Thirty-one was a pretty good year for Kate.  Here’s hoping thirty-two is even better.  Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge!

To my lovely anon who always signs her messages with s/o

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Anonymous sent: Hi Vivian!! I love to read your fanfics!! They're great!! Are you going to continue writing?? If you do, can you write about Will and Kate's trip to Kenya and how he proposed! Best XX

Hello! I’m afraid that I won’t go on writing, as I have no free time at all anymore! But thank you for the kind message! Merry Christmas!!! Xxx

Anonymous sent: Just 1 more day!!! Ah, well it's been a pleasure being your secret Santa and I can't believe this has some around so quickly, my final message to you is keep your head up no matter what and keep smiling but no matter how bad things get it will ALWAYS get better, I promise you that. Have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve it. Sending lots of love all the way to Greece. For the final time, lots of love your SS xxxx

Jenni, you’re just the sweetest! All these messages have been incredible, so sweet and kind! God bless you! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!! Love you!!! Xxx

my-royal-obsessionff sent: I dont think my christmas eve message sent but I have been your secret santa and it has been a pleasure being so. Have a wonderful christmas darling! Love Jenni xxx

Aww Jenni, thank you so so much! I would have never guessed it was you! It’s been such a pleasure having you as my Secret Santa! I did get your Christmas Eve message, but I only now got to read it! Thank you ever so much, it meant the world to be logging in here and having an amazing message to read every night! Merry Christmas to you too! Love you!!! Xxx

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We’ve had a good morning with George and I can’t wait until next year when he’s bigger

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